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Photo Competition: Sharing your unique views

Pilots and air traffic controllers experience views not seen by most. To help us share these unique views with the wider community, NZALPA asked for members to submit their best shots.

We received more than 35 high-quality entries making picking a winner a difficult decision for NZALPA President Tim Robinson and the team of judges. After selecting a top five, Matt Oates’ stunning image of a sunset at Whakatane Airport, featuring an Air Chathams plane, was crowned overall winner. Congratulations Matt! Matt’s photo also features on the front cover of this month’s issue.

WINNER: Matt Oates’ ‘Whakatane Airport, Air Chathams Metro sunset’.
TOP 10: Cibin Philip.
TOP 10:  Jon Brooks.
TOP 10: Jamie Henery.
TOP 10: Cibin Philip.
TOP 10:  Rick Moloney.
TOP 10: Ritchie Rutherford.
TOP 10:  Jamie Henery.
TOP 10:  Luke Cutler.
TOP 10:  Robin Mainprize.

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