Membership to NZALPA is open to any person who is employed, or engaged to be employed in the New Zealand civil aviation industry as a pilot, flight instructor or air traffic controller and if their employer is incorporated or based in New Zealand. Membership is available whether the applicant is employed on a part-time or full-time basis.

Associate Membership to NZALPA is also available. This will entitle you to receive NZALPA updates and access to many of our member offers (but excludes insurances). When you do find employment, the transition to Member status is simple.



Annual membership fees for NZALPA are currently 0.9% (plus GST) of your total taxable remuneration as a pilot or air traffic controller.

Joining NZALPA

To join NZALPA, click here to download the PDF application form.

​Click to Apply for NZALPA Membership ​Click to Apply for Associate Membership

Once completed, the form needs to be sent to NZALPA for processing, and upon acceptance, you will be sent a membership pack containing details about the organisation, its policies, and membership benefits. Our postal address is:

New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association
PO Box 53183
Auckland Airport
Auckland 2150

Should you require any further information, please call our office on (09) 255 1500 or email the office. Alternatively read the FAQ section.

Membership Benefits

  • Legal Advice/Representation
  • CIRP Support
  • Technical Advice
  • Medical Advice
  • Access to Professional Insurances
  • Collective Presence

NZALPA membership is a proactive way to ensure your career as a pilot or air traffic controller is looked after. The aviation industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world, and in the blink of an eye an event can change the entire industry and the way it operates in the short or long term. NZALPA aims to address any situation or issue that will directly affect our members’ terms and conditions of employment.

Membership to NZALPA will provide you with technical, medical, industrial and legal assistance to ensure any negotiated employment agreements are complied with by the respective employers. Our staff and volunteers have vast amounts of experience in the above areas and we provide advice, representation and professional assistance to all current financial NZALPA members.

In the instance of an incident or accident, members can receive 24/7 legal advice, and advice or representation in employment disputes or disciplinary action taken against any individual financial member or as a collective employment group. Our Legal Team is highly experienced in aviation industrial matters, including compliance and collective bargaining.

Through our affiliation with the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA), we maintain relationships with other Member Associations to ensure support is available to our members in any country where our members fly to. Should an incident or accident ever happen, we aim to ensure that your interests are looked after and your family is supported throughout the ordeal.

Our members also have access to purchase a range of competitive professional insurance products that insure against death, illness or loss of medical.


If you are already an NZALPA Member - click here

As a financial member of NZALPA (not available with associate membership), you have access to purchase professional insurances that gives you financial security and peace of mind.

If you get sick or some other event occurs during work or leisure time, the burden of being off work with no income will be drastically reduced. You have the option to get cover for the cost of health care as well and the worry of managing cost is minimised during a stressful time.

In association with third parties, NZALPA is able to offer our members three exclusive insurance schemes that are currently some of the best available to aviation professionals. The plans include: 

  • Group Life Insurance - GLI provides death cover  
  • Group Disability Insurance - GDI provides income protection cover in the event you cannot work due to illness 
  • Mutual Benefit Fund - financial members of NZALPA can apply for one of two Mutual Benefit Funds available. 

There is a separate fund for pilots and air traffic controllers.  The fund provides financial support in the event that you lose your medical certificate.


Group Life Insurance

The Group Life scheme is perhaps the most inexpensive death cover available to pilots. The scheme can cover you and your spouse against death from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Note: if the requested cover amount for any year exceeds $150,000, a medical declaration needs to be completed.


Group Disability Insurance

The Group Disability Insurance scheme has been set up to provide income protection should illness result in the loss of your medical certificate for an extended period that results in an inability to work. Members can choose the level of cover required (within certain parameters) and the length of their qualifying period (either 30, 45, 90,180, or 365 days).

This scheme is designed to align with the sick leave provisions in your Collective Employment Agreement. The premium is then calculated based on the benefit level, qualifying period and the age of the member. The benefit is paid at the end of your qualifying period until you get your medical certificate restored or until you reach the maximum payment period of 24 months.


NZ Airline Pilots Mutual Benefit Fund and NZALPA Mutual Benefit Fund - ATC

Pilots: | Controllers:

Benefits include:

  • Disability payments
  • Capital payment
  • Death payment

In the event of sickness resulting in the suspension or cancellation of your medical certificate, the Mutual Benefit Fund will give you financial assistance and encouragement to regain your certificate so you may continue your flying or air traffic control career. There are two Mutual Benefit Funds available for to all current financial NZALPA members; one for pilots, the other for air traffic controllers.

The funds are independent from NZALPA with the Trustees on the Pilot’s Fund made up from operational commercial airline pilots, legal profession and Airline management representation.

The Trustees for the Air Traffic Controller Fund are made up from operational Air Traffic Controllers, legal profession, Airways management representation plus an independent Trustee with industry knowledge.

The Trustees and Secretariat of both Funds meet on a regular basis.

If you are a Pilot aged between 19 and 60, hold a New Zealand CAA Medical License or an Australian CASA Medical License and are a financial member of NZALPA, you can apply to join the NZ Airline Pilots’ Mutual Benefit Fund. If you are an Air Traffic Controller aged between 21 and 50, and are a financial member of NZALPA, you can apply to join the NZ Airline Pilots’ Mutual Benefit Fund – ATC.

To apply for membership or increase cover with the NZ Airline Pilots Mutual Benefit Fund visit their web site at and complete the online application form.

To apply for membership of the NZALP Mutual Benefit Fund – ATC visit their website at download the application and health declaration forms, complete and return to the office.

From 1 July 2016, the Pilots Mutual Benefit Fund increased their contribution rate from $3 per $1,000 of cover to $4 per $1,000.

ATC contributions are made by way of fortnightly salary deductions.

MBF Benefits

Disability payments - In the event of disability or sickness resulting in the loss of your medical certificate and upon exhaustion of your sick leave entitlements both Funds may pay a Disability Benefit Payment calculated at 90% of your pre-disability income.

Capital payment - For Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers faced with permanent loss of their medical certificate, a Capital Benefit may be payable less Disability Benefit Payments received.

Death payment - A Capital benefit entitlement may be paid out if death occurs while in receipt of disability payments.

NOTE: The above are a few of the key points of the funds. Rule Books and FAQ’s for both Funds can be found at their respective web sites.

Contact the Mutual Benefit Fund today: 

Tel: 0800 745 623      

Fax: 09 523 9207

Pilots Fund Email 

Air Traffic Controllers Fund Email:

Member Offers

We have a variety of preferred suppliers to members and these include

Auckland Co-op Taxis

Europcar Rentals

Accor Hospitality

NZALPA Apparel


Spicers Financial

Rental Cars NZ

Sudima Hotels NZ

Ibis Budget Auckland Airport

Serengeti Eyewear

Cherry Tree Wholesale Club


Critical Incident Response Programme (CIRP)

NZALPA’s certified Critical Incident Response Programme (CIRP) is there to support you in your time of need. We have a team of trained volunteers who can help should you have an accident or substance addiction.

If you are a current financial NZALPA member and have any enquiries about CIRP, please contact the office 0800 NZALPA or (09) 255-1500:

CIRP Stress Handouts

Stress Handout 1
Stress Handout 2

The NZALPA Contingency Fund Trust

The NZALPA Contingency Fund Trust (CFT) is a fund established in September 2004 by the board and membership of the Air Line Pilots’ Association in the wake of the Ansett 703 Dash 8 accident of 1995 and the demise of Ansett NZ in 2000. Both these occurrences highlighted to the Pilots’ Association the need for significant financial reserves in the event of unforeseen events. Since then the CFT is a trust that has grown and now owns the Pilots’ Association building and holds cash reserves contributed by members over the years.

The CFT has broad discretion to provide protection and assistance for groups and individual NZALPA members when unforeseen ‘contingencies’ occur. One area that the Trustees see a need is the provision of support to our members in General Aviation, a section of our membership that has grown over the years to over 10% of total membership. As a result we are delighted to offer an annual scholarship to the New Zealand General Aviation (GA) community that provides financial assistance to NZALPA members who wish to upgrade their current ‘B’ Category Instructor rating to an ‘A’ Category rating, (either aeroplane or helicopter). It is our hope that this will become a cherished annual scholarship to our membership.

The funding will cover the cost of the Aviation Services Ltd (ASL) flight test fee plus the costs of training up to a total of $5,000, (inclusive of the ASL fee). The successful candidate will be an individual respected within the GA community and committed to enhancing education and training within aviation.

Eligibility Requirements, (refer to Terms and Conditions for full details):

  • Hold a current New Zealand ‘B’ Category Instructor rating.
  • Have been an NZALPA member for at least six months at the time that applications close.
  • Be currently active in GA and be able to demonstrate a continued desire to contribute to education and training in aviation.
  • Have the necessary experience and competency to train for and complete the qualification within twelve months of receiving the scholarship.

If you're interested in applying for the scholarship, please contact the office on (09) 255-1500, click here to email the office or download the application form here.


How do I join NZALPA?

To join you need to complete and return an NZALPA Membership application form. The application form can be downloaded from the Join NZALPA page.

Am I eligible to become an NZALPA member?

If you are employed, or engaged to be employed in the New Zealand civil aviation industry as a pilot, flight instructor or air traffic controller and if your employer is incorporated or based in New Zealand, you are eligible to join NZALPA. Join NZALPA.

Some of my Membership details are incorrect on my member’s page, can I correct them myself?

Yes. After you login you can update certain details from the Member Home page. Greyed out boxes require you to complete a "Change of Details" form and return it to NZALPA (

I have forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?

You can select the ‘Reset Password’ button on the login page. Enter your registered email address and a link to reset your password will be sent to you.

How can I get a username and password for access to the NZALPA website?

To access the Member’s pages you must be a financial member of NZALPA. Contact the office via email: if you are having problems.

I am unable to find what I believe is located on the website.

All documents, news and copies of your relevant CEA’s are available from the Member’s panel. Click here to view your panel.

I am a financial member of NZALPA and would like to contact the CIRP team for support.

You can contact the Office on (09) 255 1500 who will be able to put you in touch with one of the CIRP co-ordinators.

I am currently looking for employment in the aviation industry. Am I eligible to join NZALPA?

NZALPA has two membership options which are Member and Associate Member. Associate Membership gives you access to most of our member offers (excluding insurances), and also provides you with relevant NZALPA changes and updates through email and the post.

How do I inform NZALPA of a change in Employer?

Download a "Change of Details" form and return to NZALPA at

What is the NZALPA Contingency Fund Trust?

The NZALPA Contingency Fund Trust (CFT) was established in September 2004 by the Board and membership of the Air Line Pilots’ Association following the Ansett 703 Dash 8 accident of 1995 and the demise of Ansett NZ in 2000. The New Zealand Airline Pilots’ Association released the need for significant financial reserves to cover unforeseen events. Since then, the CFT has grown, and now owns the Pilots’ Association building and holds cash reserves contributed by members over the years.

What does NZALPA membership entitle me to?

As a financial Member of NZALPA you are entitled to medical, technical and legal advice or representation in accordance with the Association’s Rules. There are also special offers available to our members.

How much does NZALPA membership Cost?

The current subscription rate is 0.9% of your total taxable remuneration.